Data security

Obsessed with data security

We've witnessed numerous companies claiming their dedication to safeguarding data and customer privacy, only to later be discovered selling personal information to data brokers.

Our commitment to data security is deeply ingrained in how we operate. In fact we acquired the complete drive destruction toolkit from Graner Industries before officially establishing our company.

We undergo audits by independent experts and gladly offer tours of our facilities, whether in person or virtually. We're passionate about data destruction and happy to geek out about it with you.
We readily offer copies of all vital licenses, insurances, and background checks upon request, ensuring adherence to the highest standards of compliance.

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Mission statement

Our Mission Statement

While many organizations may emphasize their groundbreaking accomplishments, our mission is straightforward. We're dedicated to two main goals: keeping electronics out of landfills and ensuring data security to gain trust in our community.

We steer clear of hazardous chemicals, plastic melting, gold harvesting, or concealing Styrofoam from authorities. Instead, we focus on repurposing and repurposing devices to extend their lifespan and ultimately prevent piles of plastic being melted in West Africa.

Community involvement

Community-first, first

As a community-first organization, our priority is to make decisions that benefit our local communities. We offer complimentary services to education-related and nonprofit organizations, including community cleanup events and upcycle campaigns.

Through these initiatives, we professionally repurpose and recycle donated devices, which are then distributed to community resource centers.

Furthermore, we offer free, in-person training sessions for companies seeking to understand proper data sanitization techniques and methods for extending the lifespan of their old electronics.

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