Pricing structure

Pickup & Certification Pricing

Rates below only apply to pickups and data destruction services. Waste brought to us is processed at no charge.

Data Destruction - Standard Rate


Data Destruction - Bulk Rate - 20+


Pickup Charge

We provide a complaint chain of custody process for customers that would like us to pickup and transport your devices to our secure facility for destruction. Standard pickup rates for $50 per-trip apply if the total pickup is under 1,000lb.

Disassembly / Breakdown Charge

We charge a flat $5 charge per-drive if devices are not previously removed from their respective systems. This includes portable hard drives. Internal system caddles are removed at no additional charge.

You come to us - Local Drop-off

We charge absolutely nothing if you bring your recycling to us unless you require certified data destruction services.
Community support program

Nonprofits are eligible for our services free of charge.

Being a community first organization, we believe in supporting nonprofit and educational organizations by offering pickup and processing of electronic waste (e-waste) free of charge.


Educators work tirelessly building the next generation, allow us help make that a little easier.


Sometimes you just need a few extra hands, allow us to provide ours.


Nonprofit doesn't mean non-secure, let us help ensure all records are securely handled.


All 501(c)(3) organizations are eligible for our community service program.
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